Nutritional Products & Technologies

Nutritional Products & Technologies

for pet food, animal and aquatic feeds

Feed Processing and Nutrition

The development of aquaculture techniques for raising fish, shrimp or prawns is rapidly revolutionizing the world’s production of food, and much has been learned about the importance of improving their habitat, increasing feed utilization and production yield.
In today’s advanced and efficient aquaculture industries, feed accounts for one of the largest cost factors of the total production costs. The degree to which research methods, formulation procedures and manufacturing technology have applicability across species lines is perhaps the most influential factor in acceleration advancements in the manufacturing of high performance feeds for aquaculture, which cannot be compared or simulated with the manufacturing of conventional animal feeds, and should not be defined as a science, but as an “art”, where creativeness and experience produce optimum results.

EseIntec Nutritional Products & Technologies

The nutritional quality, as well as the cost of ingredients are very important considerations in the formulation of any type of feed, but are very uniquely vital to aquaculture diets. Constant research and more than 30 years of practical and theoretical experience in aquaculture feeds manufacturing, nutrition and production of aquatic species, are invaluable to E.S.E. & INTEC’s technology in the engineering, design and development of specialized process equipment, systems and plants, to produce optimum quality and the highest performance diets for the aquaculture industry.
INTEC manufactures and markets premium premixes (vitamins & minerals), concentrates, attractants, binders and complete feeds, incorporating the latest technology. These products are specifically designed for many aquaculture diets. INTEC also offers exclusive services for custom formulation, quality control, process technology, feeding programs and other technical assistance.
INTEC’s international experience and technical know-how in Aquaculture Feeds Processing and Nutrition are available to our worldwide customers. We provide consulting services to advise and assist on any need or requirement, anywhere in the world.

Processing Systems for Premium Fish Meal & Oils – Grain & Soybean – Wet or Dry Waste and By-Products

INTEC incorporates the latest technology and developments in the design of waste and by-products processing systems. Processing systems that produce premium fish meal & oils, process grains & soybeans, and those that produce wet or dry waste and by-products, all rely on INTEC technology. These systems are designed to inactivate or eliminate the most resistant anti-nutritional factors, to assure reduction or elimination of contaminants or decomposition, and secure consistent, quality ingredients that retain freshness and digestibility with key nutrients, such as high quality protein and Lysine.

EseIntec Nutritional Products & Technologies

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Specialized Nutrition Products

INTEC's nutritional research is a worldwide effort with supporting theoretical and practical applications that are adapted to meet the needs of commercial aquaculture and animal production, and pet nutrition.

INTEC's technological know-how in the formulation and manufacturing of attractive, stable, nutritionally acceptable and high performance diets is best described as a blending of science and art, where creativeness and experience produce optimum results.

INTEC manufactures and/or markets the following value added products:

  • Premium vitamin and mineral pre-mixes
  • Attractants
  • Binders for Aquatic & Animal Feeds
  • Flavors & additives
  • Concentrates
  • Supplements
  • Formulated diets
  • Micro and Macro-nutrients
  • Colorants
  • Medicated and pigment additives
EseIntec Nutritional Products & Technologies

INTEC also provides ingredient co-products such as:

  • Bintec (binders/attractants),
  • Vintec (vitamin supplements) and
  • Mintec (mineral supplements).

Advanced Technology & Services

INTEC's products and services come together in a single, easy package. INTEC clients receive the full benefits of highly-evolved feed and nutrient products. INTEC's exclusive technical services are available to our customers anywhere in the world for:

  • Ingredients selection
  • Formulation and linear programming techniques
  • Quality control and laboratory support
  • Process technology
  • Handling - storage and feeding programs
  • Applications and utilization
  • Nutrition technologies
  • Husbandry and diagnostics
  • Reproduction and production
  • Training programs and seminars
  • Operation and management
  • Technical assistance and consulting

We invite you to sample our international team approach and the sophistication of INTEC technology, products and services.

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Worldwide Market

More than 50 countries around the world

International Market.

Historic international markets of the company are in Latin America and the Caribbean Islands. However, in recent years, ESE has successfully developed strong markets in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia, the Middle-East and in Africa.