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Our passion is the design, engineering, manufacturing, and re-manufacture at low cost of equipment and complete processing plants for food, grains, soybeans, cereals, ingredients, by-products, waste recovery, vegetable protein among other human foods.

We are a fully integrated partner to work effectively and efficiently with your company. Our competitive advantage is our unique and unified total system approach through the design, manufacture, supply and installation of plants and full processing techniques or as individual components. In addition, we provide continuous exclusive technical service with our staff or with local representatives fully trained by E.S.E.


E.S.E. is part of Midland Industrial Group, a business oriented to the domestic and international markets dedicated to the development of products and services for the animal, aquatic, and pet nutrition, founded in 1983 in the state of Kansas, U.S.A. by its current President Engr. Josef W. Barbi, P.E.

Constant evolution is our engine and is at the heart of what we do,based on high standards of ethics, quality, efficient operations andwith a team of first-class professionals to provide our clients with world-class products and services for healthy animals, and profitable and sustainable businesses.”     

Engr. Josef W. Barbi - CEO



ESE Engineered Systems & Equipment, Inc.INTEC Ingeniería de Nutrición a la VanguardiaINTEC Nutrition Engineering at the Vanguard

Design, engineering, manufacturing, and re-manufacture at low cost of equipment and complete processing plants for food, grains, soybeans, cereals, ingredients, by-products, waste recovery, vegetable protein among other human foods.


E.S.E. has the expertise, let it start

We develop and manufacture vitamin and mineral premixes, pigments, organic acids and fungicides, medicated additives, bypass organic fats, toll manufacture service and personalized technical advice for livestock, aquaculture, and the pet industry among other species.


We feed innovation for healthy animals, profitable and sustainable businesses for our clients

Animal production and reproduction, nutrition, and general livestock management. Consulting services and technical assistance for agriculture is provided.


Fleckvih - Simmental - Simbrah - Red Angus



Develop innovative, profitable, and sustainable processes, products and service offering personalized solutions with technical advice for our customers.



To be the best option at low cost, domestically and internationally in innovative, efficient, and personalized solutions in the industries where we compete, with cutting edge technology, and experienced professional to create value, build trust and to deliver sustainable results.


Corporate values

  • RESILIENCE: We solve the nutritional challenges of the market and our clients constantly innovating, anticipating, and changing complex situations in business opportunities.
  • HONESTY: We carry out all operations with transparency and rectitude, offering quality products, service, and guaranteed profitability.
  • RESPONSIBILITY: We act seriously according to our value proposition and complying with our obligations.
  • TEAMWORK: We work hand in hand with our internal team and with our customers from the ingredients to the development of the finished product to make their projects come true.
  • COMMITMENT: With our work, with our clients and with our staff to provide products and service with cutting edge technology.                                                             


The E.S.E. manufacturing facility at the Industrial Park in Caney, Kansas, was established in mid-1988 to fabricate, manufacture and rebuilt specialized equipment and component parts to be used in connection with processing systems originally designed and sold by its parent company ASIMA Corporation. The company was founded for the purpose of developing and marketing sophisticated and specialized animal, pet, and aquaculture feeds, products by products and waste processing systems.

In 2001 E.S.E. acquired HALVER FORBERG Technology from Demark, for the manufacturing of fluidized latest technology high precision mixing – vacuum coating – Meal Drying Equipment and Systems.

In 2011 E.S.E. acquired PRATER Industry’s EVOLUTION special Grinding Pulverizing Equipment Manufacturing line.

In 2013, E.S.E. acquired AWS ANLSGENTECHNICK of Bremen Hagen, Germany, specialized in high precision dosing and weighing systems, precision micro-ingredient and premix production plants.

Through the years, E.S.E. has been very successful in the development of specialized processing equipment, systems, and complete plants in all worldwide continents. These extensive projects have provided important experience that enabled E.S.E. to become technically competent and prepared for any size of project, from individual machines or system designs, to complete full scale plant developments and turnkey project installations.

E.S.E.’s continuous and worldwide research and development provide the company’s strengths and core competencies. This includes the number of experience years the corporate staff has directly in the specialized processing equipment and systems industry, including the design and building of complete custom plant facilities. E.S.E. has positioned itself to explore such opportunities and responds to the challenge of our clients and market trends.


40 years of practical and theoretical experience.

800 Project completed           249 installed plants         125 Awards won


Today, E.S.E. has designed, constructed equipment, processing systems and complete plants for export to 6 continents, in more than 40 countries around the world.


A wide infrastructure with capacity to produce, rebuilt and store equipment and products. E.S.E. has 3 plant locations which are in Caney, Kansas in the United States:

The main plant is also the corporate headquarters located at the Industrial Park in Caney, Kansas. This plant covers 24,000 square feet which consists of renovated office and an exhibit area, with most of the space being used for manufacturing and warehousing. This modern and well-equipped plant is located on 14 acres of industrial and owned by E.S.E.  The plant has highway access, and the nearest commercial airport is in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Manufacturing plant and main offices -Caney, Kansas


The Pilot Plant is currently being refitted with new and updated equipment to showcase our full lines of processing equipment. We can demonstrate several processing systems including Rolling, Flaking and Grinding. These complete working systems is also used for customers and employees training.
Pilot plant and training facility - Caney, Kansas


The E.S.E. Assembly plant is utilized as our display show room. This plant is large enough for us to display our vast array of equipment pieces for customers to view and inspect. Both the Pilot Plant and the show room Plant are within walking distance of each other in downtown Caney, Ks for convenient customers’ access.
Assembly plant - Caney, Kansas